Aberdeen started the season with two wins in two matches, with a sense of feeling that they might be able to pull off a good performance in the Scottish Premiership. But since then Aberdeen have failed to register a single win on the board and have lost all four of their last matches.

They currently sit on 9th in the league and are very close to the relegation zone and need a huge transformation in their performances to save the rest of the season.

One of the players who they will look up to for inspiring some sense of comeback in the ranks is their centre-forward, Christian Ramirez. Ramirez has been the best player in the squad scoring the most number of goals with three while also providing an assist for his teammates.

The 30-year-old American has used his experience at times of crisis and has been trying to steer the sinking ship to the shore as much as he can.

We look at his attacking stats from the season so far.

Christian Ramirez 2021/22 Aberdeen data stats

Ramirez has appeared in all of the eight matches for the club playing as a solo striker, in a pair or in a front three depending upon the system used in the match. He has spent almost all of his time on the pitch in the opposition half. Even though he plays upfront as the forward he has spent the majority of his time near the centre in midfield- the red and orange areas show that. Not just a predator in the box, he has dropped a lot to link-up and create attacks from the midfield, spending a significant amount of time in the attacking third outside the penalty area. The American has covered a lot of space in the final third drifting almost everywhere, towards both the wings and into the box, being real dynamic.

Christian Ramirez 2021/22 Aberdeen data stats

He has played passes only from the midfield to the opposition penalty area, not dropping much into his own defensive third. His passing has not been very precise registering an accuracy of 69% from 123 total completed passes, averaging only 18 passes per 90 with 29 touches on the ball. The 30-year-old has played the majority of his passes in the attacking third, mostly short in order to link-up and then make runs into the box. However, he has delivered some dangerous through balls as well for others to run onto with xT as high as 0.1080 at times.

Christian Ramirez 2021/22 Aberdeen data stats

Most of his shots have been inside the box, which shows that how fast he has been able to get into good shot taking positions in the box even while spending most of the time deep in the midfield. Ramirez has scored three goals yet averaging a goal per 207 minutes, all inside the box. He has been a potential threat in the air when crosses are fired in, scoring twice from headers. Ramirez has been equally accurate and precise as well, with a shot accuracy of 60%, making the goalkeeper try hard most of the time.

Christian Ramirez 2021/22 Aberdeen data stats

His precision can be very well proven from the above viz where he ranks 92nd percentile in the league in shots on target metric while also ranking 80th percentile in the league for headed shots attempted per 90.

In a faltering squad, Christian Ramirez’s performance has also been affected but he has still tried to stand out from the rest, inspire the team back to winning ways by scoring goals and also trying to create for others. His attitude to not give up, simply makes him one of the most fascinating players in the league. If Aberdeen do change their fate later in the season, the American will most definitely be at the helm of the redemption.