Prior to the Scotland clash with Ukraine in order to progress in the quest for qualification to the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, one former Scotland captain revealed some rather shocking views.

Indeed, whilst many will have used and will continue to use for all of their wagering needs and back the team that they believe will win, some Scottish fans would have been left bemused by what one of their own had to say ahead of the crunch match.

Graeme Souness – if you did not know already – is the man in question who had some rather surprising views ahead of the clash with Ukraine.

Of course, he had his reasons ahead of the game, though, with it appearing to be one that was charged with emotion, given what is currently going on in the world and the disgraces that we are continuing to witness.

The match was decided to be pushed back because of the ongoing situation, which is why Scottish fans – and those supporting the Ukraine – have had to wait a little longer to see if they will be participating in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. Let’s not forget, a contest against Wales also awaits the winner, too.

The winner will go on to feature in Group A where they will play England, Iran, and the USA in Qatar this winter.

Speaking about the game, Souness had revealed that he had found it difficult to understand his feelings about the upcoming clash, whilst also admitting that he wanted to see Ukraine beat Scotland, whilst also winning the entire tournament.

He told The Times (via The National): “When I have thought about this game in my quieter moments, I’ve thought, ‘How would I deal with this?’ “Part of me keeps coming back to the fact that it’s just a game of football, and do I really want to beat them? Whether it’s sport, politics, the arts, whatever it is, we must send a message to Russia that it’s not acceptable what they are doing.

“I’m going to find myself in a really difficult situation. I’ll be emotional. I don’t just want Ukraine to qualify, I want them to go there [Qatar] and win it.

“How far do you have to bury your head in the sand not to realise the situation the world’s in right now? Will it be when someone presses the button on a nuclear weapon?

“I’d not want to be one of the Scottish players playing that night. I don’t know where my emotions would be. My emotions when I think about it deeply are that it’s more important than football to send a message that Russia’s behaviour is unacceptable.

“The world has to unite and tell them that – you can hear the emotion in my voice. That’s my over-riding feeling on the situation.”