Hibernian had a good start to the season, as the team earned 15 points in the first seven games in the Scottish Premiership. They were undefeated in those matches, winning four out of the seven games. A loss against league leaders Rangers in the eighth match, was followed by three defeats. This ended Hibernian’s undefeated run in the league, and they are now left with just 15 points in 11 games.

Hibernian Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Data Stats Analysis

In the 11 games so far, Hibernian have scored 15 goals, and conceded the same number of goals. In the last four matches, Hibernians have failed to score in two matches, and have scored only two goals in four matches. Their goals per match rate in the first seven matches was 1.85 and in these four matches was 0.50.

The above viz represents the shot map of Hibernian against Aberdeen. Hibernian players attempted five shots and had no shots on target. The overall expected goal rate of Hibernian is 14.62 and averages 1.33 xG per match. The team’s xG in the last four matches was 0.22, 0.57, 0.18, and 1.29. The combined xG was 2.26, and this averages around 0.56 xG per match.

Hibernian Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Data Stats Analysis

Hibernian players have the third-lowest number of shots on target in the Scottish Premiership. They have attempted 127 shots and average more than 11 shots towards the opposition’s goal. 42 shots have been on target, and the shot accuracy rate is 33.07%. In the last four matches, only 24 shots have been attempted. The team averaged six shots per match but had only eight shots on target. The shot accuracy rate increased to 33.33%, but the shots attempted were way below the average rate this season.

Hibernian Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Data Stats Analysis

The above viz shows the pass type, pass ending location, and other key passing stats from Hibernian vs Rangers. Hibernian players have attempted 231 passes into the opposition’s penalty area. The team averages 21 passes per match. Out of the 231 passes, 104 have been on target with an accuracy rate of 45%. Against Rangers, only eight passes were attempted into the opposition’s penalty area, with three being successful. This was followed by 31, 17, and 23 passes in the next three matches. Overall, 79 passes were attempted, and the average was around 20%. The accuracy rate decreased to 34.1% as only 27 passes out of the attempted 79 were successful.

Hibernian players attempted 39 smart passes in the first seven games, averaging more than five smart passes per game. The passing accuracy rate was 43.6%, as 17 passes were successful. In the last four matches, only 13 smart passes have been attempted, with the average decreasing to three smart passes per match. Their accuracy rate in these matches was lesser than their overall accuracy rate.

Hibernian played two top sides, Rangers and Celtic, in these four games. They improved their stats in the last game against Celtic but were dominated by the opposition. The team will face bottom-side Ross County in the next round and will look to return to winning ways.