There has been a notable increase in individuals interested in analysis of football matches globally. Football is a game that has been in existence for many decades. Initially such games were meant for leisure and recreation. However over time, due to an increase in interest in how the game is played and also due to its growth in terms of competitiveness, many more people are seen joining the arena owing to fame and also the earnings attached to such analysis.

Overview of match analysis.

When two teams are playing a football match, the possibilities are that either team wins or both share a tie. It is in this line that football analytics base their argument on. Pre existing situations like, when the football season opens, who the coach of the said team is, how the game itself is conducted and if the proper principles of the game are observed during play, who the key players in this team are, are some of the aspects looked into to determine which of the playing teams stands a higher chance of winning, losing or sharing a tie.

A more specific way in which you can use to analyze a football match is by narrowing down to analyze the opponent.

How opponent analysis is done:

  1. By observation where you are able to critically learn a particular player in a team, how he operates during the game, his key tactics and consistency. In this, the rest of the team players can also be studied. After learning how the key player or player performs during a match and repeatedly watching so that assumptions and observations are clear, the match can be recorded.
  2. A report is then made following whatever information has been gathered through observation of the respective matches.
  3. Implementation of the collected report then follows. Here the information about tactics, strengths and weaknesses are used as a strategy against the opponent.

Many are the instances where the general behavior of the team or their opponents is observed. Behavior observation is a key aspect of match and opponent analysis since it gives great insight on the match outcome. A winning team shares some factors in common. These factors are individual based at the bare minimum. For instance, a motivated player will affect the rest of his team members positively. This means that the team in question will definitely have an elated spirit. Football analytics call this the team spirit. Such a team will be observed to remain vigorous and active throughout the game. They will not be in a hurry to take a mid-game break since this team spirit is directly proportional to a winning spirit.

A weak team spirit denotes a team that shows eagerness to take the mid time breaks long before it is due. Generally, the team may be observed to be with reduced energy and interconnected, physically observed through weak passes and goal misses.

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Considerations such as behavioral activities of the match participants, be it psychological, physical, technical and even tactical behavior are collectively analyzed and conclusion made so that decisions concerning which team stands the highest winning chance are from the highest probability made.

Further considerations

The possession phase of a football match is as important as the non possession phase. This is so because; both phases determine the match outcome.

In the ball possession phase; a phase in which the team characteristics are observed while they have the ball in their custody, factors like team spirit, desire to proceed for the mid time break or sustain play are key indicators of the game outcome.

Instances of reduced, moderate and high ball possession and behavior of individual team players is also a factor of importance in the ball possession phase.

Likewise in the non ball possession phase, the team spirit of individuals or the team as a whole is assessed to paint a picture of how motivated or demoralized the team is as far as the game is concerned.


According to the telegraph news, a team is only as good as its ‘DNA’. This means that each football team must believe that their team is special, with specific qualities such as style of play, way of conducting their business and specific personality traits.

These are among the factors considered for analysis of matches that even the team players are well aware of and often are relentlessly witnessed to work around to improve their chances of winning football matches against their opponents.