Dundee got promoted to the Scottish Premiership this season, but the team is struggling for points. They are ranked 11th in the league standings and currently sit in relegation round position. However, one player who has been consistent for them in the promotion and this season is Paul McMullan. The midfielder was signed on loan in January 2021 and later on given a two years contract towards the start of the season. He topped their assists chart last season, and this year once again, it looks like McMullan is the favorite to do so.

Paul McMullan Dundee Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Data Stats Analysis

When looking at the above chart, the general rule is that the longer the bar, the better the performance – you can see the league average in the middle, and the % is the percentile rank the player is in. Paul McMullan has featured in 12 games for Dundee and has already provided six assists this season. He is the provider of the second-highest number of assists in the Scottish Premiership.

McMullan averages 25.69 passes per 90 with an accuracy rate of 65.46%. He has attempted 31 crosses and averages 2.62 crosses per 90. He is ranked high in terms of shots assists per 90, smart passes, and through passes. The midfielder has attempted 14 smart passes and 17 through passes. Dundee’s struggles and less possession is the reason why he is ranked low for the number of passes and passes into the attacking third.

Paul McMullan Dundee Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Data Stats Analysis

The above chart shows the pass map of Paul McMullan in the Scottish Premiership this season. He has attempted 304 passes and averages 25.3 passes per match. The midfielder has delivered 46 passes into the opposition’s penalty area. His eight passes have landed in the opposition 6-yard box, and those passes have created the highest threat rate. He has delivered most of his crosses from the right side.

Paul McMullan has attempted the most number of passes (24) towards Jason Cummings, with a threat rate of 0.437. The highest threat is created by the passes towards centre-back Lee Ashcroft. McMullan has attempted 16 passes towards him, with a threat rate of 1.094. The midfielder has provided an assist each to Paul McGowan, Ryan Sweeney, Leigh Griffiths, Max Anderson, Lee Ashcroft, and Daniel Mullen.

Paul McMullan Dundee Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Data Stats Analysis

The above chart shows the expected threat rate from passes and dribbles in the match against Celtic. Paul McMullan was the best Dundee player on the pitch against his former club. He created an xT of 0.62 from passes and provided two assists in the match. Dundee had less possession of the ball, and Mcmullan only attempted 15 passes with a 66.67 pass accuracy rate. His five passes landed in the opposition’s 18-yard box and two passes in the 6-yard box. McMullan attempted one smart pass and three crosses in the match.

Paul McMullan has been very efficient with his passing on the pitch. The midfielder has attempted fewer passes but has carried a lot of threats with his passing. A lot of clubs might be monitoring his game and could make an approach to sign him next summer.