An amateur Scottish football side has taken eccentric strip designs to a new level by launching a uniform modelled around a pint of TENNENTS.

And fans adore it, with many declaring that they are willing to dig deep into their pockets to purchase one of the iconic shirts.

Imagine what it would look like in a football match!

The team that came up with the ingenious idea is Newcraighall Leith Victoria, and their new shirt has caught on with football and pint fans equally.

The amateur team has picked humorous and out-of-the-box designs for their new uniforms, following in the footsteps of other non-professional clubs.

Loch Ness FC, of the North Caledonian League, made headlines in 2020 for designing a magnificent top with the Loch Ness monster depicted on the front.

It won several awards and even featured in an episode of Match of the Day with presenter Gary Lineker admitting it was one of the BEST tops he had ever seen.

Now, the Lothian & Edinburgh AFA Premier Division club in Edinburgh has followed suit with its new logo, hoping to duplicate past clubs’ marketing success.

They did not stop at Tennent’s!

The club also created two more jerseys, one of which was designed to appeal to cider aficionados.

A red stripe displays a more modest aesthetic, but it is akin to Tennent’s original kit.

Instead, it’s a Strongbow Dark Fruit design.

They also chose an entirely new appearance for a third strip, with a PacMan graphic printed on both the front and back.

It’s a refreshing departure from the two alcoholic beverages, and it might inspire gamers to buy one as well.

While only the Dark Fruits edition is now available, with the other two being restocked in October, some fans insist they can’t wait to get their hands on one of them at some time.

A fan said: “Top notch shirt that, much better than a carling one.”

While somebody joked: “”Got to be a 2023 pro clubs contender.”

Another said: “Now that’s a proper kit.”

One other replied: “That’s actually proper nice man!”

And someone else laughed: “Don’t have a foreign soccer team I root for until now.”