Football is a sport that develops itself over the years and creates its own culture. The most critical thing in this culture is the team phenomenon. The main reason why football is so popular is that it is a team game. Teams attract fans, and the fans constitute the real pleasure of football.

In addition to supporting the team from match to match, fans also support their team’s culture off the field. These cultures give teams their personalities and ensure that some rivalries are not limited to sports. Many derbies have a history of clashing values, as well as the teams being based in the same cities. One of the biggest examples is the eternal rivalry between the Rangers and Celtic in Scotland.

About Teams 

Rangers, one of the oldest teams, were founded in 1872 in the west of Glasgow. Celtic, on the other hand, were founded in 1887 in the east of Glasgow, contrary to the 1888 on their logo. Celtic were founded to help Irish refugees living in Glasgow. Their first official match was a friendly against Rangers in 1888. 

In 1890, both teams became founding members of the Scottish Football League. The collective name of these teams, which divide Scotland’s largest city in two, is “Old Firm”. The reason for this nickname is unknown, but it is suggested that an announcer said “Like two old, firm friends” while introducing the two teams. 

With a total of 103 league titles, the two teams are the reigning champions of Scottish football and have been involved in one of the biggest derbies in world football since their first match in 1888. What a derby to place your bets

A Big Rivalry

The rivalry between the Rangers and Celtic can be attributed to many things. The fact that they are two of the most successful teams in the country and that they symbolise the clash between the east and west of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, is superficial for the Old Firm derby. 

This derby dates back to the emigration from Ireland to Scotland in the 18th century. In order to support the Irish who could not settle in Scotland or who had trouble settling there, the Celtics were founded in green, the official colour of Ireland. Before that, the Rangers, who proudly wore the official colour of Scotland, blue, and led the country in football, were founded. 

It can be argued that increasing nationalism, especially in the 20th century, strengthened the tension between the teams representing these two countries. The attitude towards refugees across Europe has also led to the Celtics being criticised as a ‘refugee’ team. 


This unique fight between the two teams, even if it sometimes causes some problems, keeps the football excitement at its peak and gives us a visual feast. Remember, football has become what it is today because of the pieces it carries from life, humanity, and our emotions. Football is not just a sport; it is a living organism with its own unique characteristics, constantly renewing and developing itself.